Valerio Perini

Socio ordinario

Per contattare Valerio Perini, puoi chiamare AMC al numero +39 389 787 2028 (dal lunedì al venerdì, dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 e dalle 15.00 alle 18.00) o scriverci tramite l'apposito form.


Valerio Perini was born in 1989 in Rome, where he’s based working as video editor and post producer. Pushed by passion and strong motivation in any fields of film production, while was getting BA in Visual Arts at Università degli Studi di Roma Tor vergata, in 2008 he started video production career working in very different projects. He worked both as filmaker and editor in several music videos, fashion films, short movies, emotional, experimental, corporate and commercials. Since 2012 he’s joined in automotive film production filed, working as video editor and enhancing in video concept development, filming workflow and postproduction around Europe. After achieving worldwide video awards, ranking finalist in music video competition for Three Days Grace in 2013 and winner for Blues Factory in 2014, he signed editing and postproduction for “Subject Zero: Shattered Memories” full length movie coming up in 2015. He mainly works in Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Da Vinci Resolve but sometimes still with old 80’s Betacam.

Esperienze lavorative

Anno Tipologia Ruolo Titolo Produzione Regia Riconoscimenti
2017 Servizi televisivi Montatore World Roller Games - Olympic Channel WRG ___ Editor, Postproducer, GFX
2017 Documentari Montatore La via dell'angelo ___ Germano Di Mattia Editor, Postproducer, GFX
2015 Film cinema Montatore Subject Zero: Shattered Memories Media Dab Tiziano Cella Film Editor, Postproducer
2014 Servizi televisivi Montatore Roadbook _____ _____ Editor
2014 Videoclip Montatore Blues Factory | Nobody ___ ___ Filmaker, Editor, Postproducer
2014 Pubblicita Montatore Legal & General ___ ___ Filmaker, Editor, Postproducer
2013 Videoclip Montatore Three Days Grace | Misery loves my company ___ ___ Filmaker, Editor, Postproducer
2013 Videoclip Montatore Blues Factory - Nobody ___ ____ Filmmaker, Editor